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The Reflux Diet, Cookbook & Cure is likely to cause a stir in Federal regulatory agencies and in the Congress that funds their operations. Since the Second World War, the American diet has changed a lot, but there has been no one at the helm of the ship. The public has had no protector as there is effectively no overarching body that monitors the safety of our food. This may explain why gastric (acid) reflux and many other common diseases are epidemic in America.


Epidemic? As many as 100 million Americans. In addition to heartburn and digestive symptoms, many people with laryngitis (hoarseness), cough, asthma, sore throat, too-much throat mucus, post-nasal drip, sinus, and swallowing problems also have reflux.


In the 1960s and 1970s, fast food and pre-packaged food became popular and many people stopped eating home-cooked meals. In general, the obesity epidemic has paralleled the saturated fat content of our diets. But there has been a second, even more insidious trend. Prepared foods have been increasingly acidified, primarily to discourage bacterial growth and to add shelf life. At present, many prepared foods and beverages are as acidic as stomach acid itself. Until now, no one has examined the adverse health effects of too much acid in the foods and beverages we consume.


The Reflux Diet, Cookbook & Cure offers revolutionary new ideas about healthy eating and cooking. This is the first diet and cookbook to seriously address the problem of acidity in the diet. The preface, “What you eat may be eating you” is a concise scientific explanation of the problem. Later, the authors provide the reader with the measured acidity (pH) of many common foods and beverages. These tables are invaluable to the reflux sufferer.


This is also the first cookbook to offer delicious low-fat meals. In the past, “low-fat” meant “no-fat.”  In other words, tasty high-fat ingredients were substituted with tasteless fat-free ones. The resulting dishes were usually dry and unsatisfying. Chef Bauer’s idea to use “fats as flavorings, not as main ingredients” is a big shift in reflux cooking. Every recipe in this book is delicious and still has less than 10% fat.


The Reflux Diet, Cookbook & Cure integrates science, medicine, and culinary art in a bold new way. And while the focus is on self-directed reflux management, the principles presented are universal, and everyone can enjoy the great recipes.


The proof of the pudding? Clinical studies have shown that 75% of patients on our low-acid/low-fat diet experienced significant improvements in reflux symptoms within two weeks. In addition, patients who were failing treatment on high-dose medication did surprisingly well when the reflux diet was added. In fact, almost 50% of them quickly got better!


The Reflux Diet, Cookbook & Cure offers a healthy foundation on which you can build. As reflux-related esophageal cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the U.S., it also might just save your life. This book helps concerned patients, consumers, and political leaders fight against unlabelled, unmonitored, and unhealthy mass-produced food, and it adds credibility to serious questions about the food and beverages we all consume.






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